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Canada Post to remove Priority™ Worldwide service in August 2023

by EasyPost

Canada Post will discontinue their international shipping service Priority™ Worldwide starting August 1, 2023. Users who attempt to create Canada Post Priority Worldwide shipping labels after this date will receive a label error. This change will affect the following service levels supported by EasyPost today:

  • PriorityWorldwideEnvelopeUSA
  • PriorityWorldwidePakUSA
  • PriorityWorldwideParcelUSA
  • PriorityWorldwideEnvelopeIntl
  • PriorityWorldwidePakIntl
  • PriorityWorldwideParcelIntl

Need an alternative? Say hello to XpressPost™

If you’re looking for a Canada Post service level that is similar to Priority Worldwide then look no further! Canada Post’s Xpresspost™ USA and Xpresspost™ International are great alternatives. With these services, you’ll be able to reach customers in 90+ countries and territories. Xpresspost USA comes with a projected time-in-transit range of 2-3 business days. And Xpresspost International is projected at 4-7 days.

Both XpressPost USA and Xpresspost International come with similar benefits and add-on features as Priority Worldwide. All XpressPost shipments come with on-time delivery guarantee and confirmation, tracking, liability coverage, and signature service for free. Additional services such as pickups are available for purchase.

If you have any questions about how this change may impact your shipping operations, please feel free to contact your Customer Success Manager or Support.