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Marco Raye

Cheaper Shipping with EasyPost Carrier Rating API

by Marco Raye
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With so much of what we do taking place on and through the internet, it’s easy to get the impression that all we need for business is a wi-fi connection and a comfortable chair. But, contrary to that idea, to make the things we do online meaningful requires action in the real world. One example of what we mean is your online business’s shipping strategy and processes. The experience, let alone successful experience, expands beyond your actual products to how effectively you ship your products to customers. This strategy and process means everything for the future of transforming or converting one time shoppers into repeat buyers.

Shipping is the backbone of all modern commerce, and considerable advances in shipping efficiency have transformed the industry significantly. You might remember, 20 or thirty years ago, it would take four to six weeks for a package to cross the continent. Today, it can be done overnight.

To truly appreciate what a good shipping carrier can do for your business, you have to understand the massive complexity involved in upholding today’s shipping standards. To put it simply, massive infrastructure, and a dizzying array of coordinating tools and skills are necessary to satisfy the delivery expectations of today’s online shopper.

Not every carrier rises to the challenge in the same way. That means the shipping company that works best for you might not be ideal for another online retailer. For your organization to maximize productivity, you need to find the right carrier, and you need a way to interact with that carrier seamlessly and in real-time.

Here at EasyPost, your next-generation logistics solution, that’s what we do.

EasyPost Carrier Rating API

Our Carrier Rating API lets you integrate rates into your transportation or warehouse management system (TMS/WMS). You will gain access to hundreds of thousands of lookups each month. This eliminates the burden of tariffs, fuel surcharges, and licensing fees from LTL shipments- making your life easier and your customers happier.

This advance in shipping efficiency is rapidly becoming a standard method for making rate requests. We’re proud to say that EasyPost is an early adapter, making this capability available to online retailers like you.

Our Rating API relieves you of the burden of building all of your freight contracts in-house. Easily integrate with your preferred carrier when and how you choose. Best of all, you get to see your potential shipping expenses upfront- letting you select the best delivery-speed/delivery-time for you and the customer.

Our Carrier Rating API gives you more shipping options and lowers costs for you and your customers while lowering time-to-freight. There’s no need to set up individual accounts with freight companies, call individual rates, second-guess if you could have gotten a better deal for your business.

EasyPost Shipping Carrier API

Our shipping carrier API lets you access the top carriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL with a click. But that’s not all. If you’re like most people, those four carriers aren’t the only carriers that ring a bell, there are many more. While most shippers may not have the reach and bandwidth that the top four have, they can deliver within specific regions and offer specific shipping specialties that could put your delivery productivity over the top.

When you work with EasyPost, we help you select the best carrier based on the destination, package size, weight, the type, and your preferred service options. We work with more than 100 different shipping carriers.

With EasyPost Shipping APIs You Get

Our mission is to provide the tools to give your customers the best shopping experience, superior pricing options, and the most responsive customer service possible. We do this via five key strategies. They are:

  1. Making Returns Process Easier: Many customers are put off by complicated returns processes. We make returns smoother for everyone involved.
  2. Aggregated Orders: See all your orders in one place, manage and compare with ease.
  3. Optimal Shipping Efficiently: Deliver it faster and cheaper, and win your customer’s loyalty.
  4. Automated Insurance: No more shopping around for the best policy on every shipment.
  5. Optimal Use of Technology: Shipping is complex. We leverage the most advanced tech available to make it simpler.

These advances give our customers the opportunity to easily transition to the cloud, expanding your global presence. Now, record growth is within reach, with real-time access to key carrier information, allowing you to create a full omnichannel customer experience. What are you waiting for?

To learn more about how the EasyPost next-generation logistics solution can change the way you do shipping forever get in touch today. Our friendly Logistics Experts are ready to answer all of your important questions.