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Marco Raye

EasyPost and ChannelAdvisor Join Forces!

by Marco Raye
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An integral part of satisfying today’s consumer demand is through a multi-channel marketing approach. For online businesses, this means tapping into new sources of demand by creating a presence for your products in multiple marketplaces. One aspect of working with EasyPost that customers love is the fact our Shipping APIs integrate with many of the top online marketplaces like eBay, Walmart, Shopify, Stripe, Wish, WooCommerce, Amazon Marketplace, and many more. We want to continue empowering our customers to make intelligent decisions regarding their shipping and logistics, including the flexibility to reach audiences in new vertical markets. EasyPost is proud to announce its latest partnership with ChannelAdvisor, the cloud-based ecommerce software solution to over 2700 customers worldwide.

Who is ChannelAdvisor?

Since 2001, ChannelAdvisor has worked as a leader of ecommerce management, helping to connect retailers and brands with new and returning online customers through shared data and insights. Over the past two decades, the inventory management software provider expanded its solutions into marketing and online selling to help ensure its customers experience ecommerce growth as a result of data-driven decisions. ChannelAdvisor helps to unlock true ecommerce potential by helping you target and ultimately convert customer demand into profit.

Some of the top reasons to leverage ChannelAdvisor as a partner in your ecommerce strategy include:

  • Order & List Management: No more millions of spreadsheets. No more dozens of logins to separate systems to monitor and adjust product listings. Conveniently find all data and information about your products streamlined into one interface. ChannelAdvisor helps provide end-to-end control over your ecommerce marketspaces, including everything from the occasional customer refund to importing your most popular items into new marketplaces and more.
  • Promotional Efforts: What time of the year do you experience the most significant “rush” of orders? Christmas? Labor Day? Black Friday? Cyber Monday? Back-to-school? ChannelAdvisor gives customers dynamic control over pricing and product offerings. This feature means your business becomes more agile and able to hone in on valuable sales opportunities that may be missed otherwise.
  • Robust Reporting: Clear performance insights. It may sound like a simple concept when it comes to general reporting, but many businesses fumble between what feels like countless documents containing total sales values and price adjustments throughout each quarter. This time-consuming headache often includes the inevitable degree of human error during the calculation phase, leaving the whole picture of your business and its impact in question for the future. Why take that risk? ChannelAdvisor serves you detailed reports including leading products and marketplaces to the front of your attention so you can continue optimizing your presence in profitable hotspots and growing your digital footprint.

EasyPost + ChannelAdvisor: Making Multi-Channel Magic

Our relationship with ChannelAdvisor revolves around ensuring our customers have access to as many marketplaces as possible. For EasyPost customers seeking to grow their online presence and tap into new sources of demand, ChannelAdvisor offers streamlined sales across 100+ channels all through one central platform.

ChannelAdvisor allows our customers to create more opportunities to market your products to new, qualified audiences.

EasyPost: The Simple Shipping Solution

By now, you may have noticed our ongoing theme of partnership announcements. It’s critically important to us that we live up to being “The Simple Shipping Solution.” To accomplish this goal, we combine our gigantic technology with leaders in other sectors of the shipping and logistics industry that can add value to our customers’ experiences with innovative technology and excellent customer support.

We are your all-in-one shipping and logistics solutions provider. If you have any questions regarding our new partnership with ChannelAdvisor, what this could mean for your business or if you have any other questions regarding our other Shipping APIs designed to reduce transit times to your customers and save your operational costs, contact us today!