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Marco Raye

New EasyPost, Arka Partnership Transforms Customer Experience

by Marco Raye
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When it comes to online selling, packaging is arguably equally as important as the product itself. The power living in packaging is in its ability to continue communicating why your brand’s different from your competitive landscape in spaces you can’t personally reach. It’s sort of like clothing for humans. When you travel to a formal event or setting where you need to represent yourself, you likely dress in your finer garments to communicate this to those around you without necessarily having to speak verbally. The packaging you place your products in works in a similar way.

Utilizing both sturdy and unique packaging ties positive attributes to your brand, including thoughtfulness, high quality, and excellent customer service, to name a few. Because this aspect of shipping is essential, EasyPost sought out to collaborate with a packaging innovator that also seeks to consolidate the traditional (and time-consuming) processes associated with shipping and logistics as a whole. We are excited to announce our newest partnership with Arka, a trailblazer in branded product packaging!

Who is Arka?

Arka Brand Boxes

Over the past decade, the Arka team has honed in on a unique angle of the shipping process that many business owners leave off their radar of priorities - custom packaging. The struggle with box manufacturers misspelling, miscoloring, overcharging, or overpromising are no more through a personalized approach to your individual business’ packaging needs. No phone tag, and no constant emailing or other time-consuming requests to get you your packaging. Their team uses a sustainable approach to producing high-quality customer packing that ranges from soft, subtle branded designs to vibrant, dramatic patterns intended to not only survive transit to customers unscathed but also ready for a memorable unboxing experience. Arka is a trusted packaging provider and partner to over 2,000 brands worldwide including Google, Crayola, Mattel, and more. Continue resonating with customers as soon as they lay eyes on the delivery they’ve eagerly anticipated.

The Link: EasyPost and Arka


The missions of EasyPost and Arka align in that both teams work every day towards improving the online selling experience from end-to-end. When we say “end-to-end,” we mean everyone from your supply chains to the end customer, including specific channels such as packaging. While EasyPost focuses on streamlining your shipping and logistics processes to narrow the window of delivery time to your customers, our new link with Arka adds the option to enhance your delivery process through a refreshed look and feel to your packaging at lower costs.

Get Package Perfect with Arka

You can get started with Arka through an order as small as 10 eco-friendly boxes made here in the USA. Below are a few more benefits of designing your packaging with Arka:

  • Lowest Minimums
  • Quickest Turnaround
  • Full Outside Print
  • Proofing (no errors allowed!)

You can find more information about Arka and their custom packaging solutions here.

Get Ship Done with EasyPost

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Through insight and innovation, EasyPost powers gigantic technology, helping customers make data-driven decisions regarding their supply chain’s shipping and logistics processes to save them time and lower operational costs to help them fuel growth for the future. We remove everyday logistical complexities out of your way, so you can concentrate on taking your vision to the next level.

Our team’s next-generation solutions include:

We target and plug the holes in your current shipping and logistics operation that may be draining your business of its resources unannounced to you.

Our new partnership with Arka is an exciting new chapter for robust offerings. If you have any questions regarding EasyPost or our new partnership with Arka, a leader in custom packaging design, please reach out today!