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Optimize Shipments For Your Growing Ecommerce Business With FirstMile and EasyPost

by EasyPost

FirstMile's optimized shipping for ecommerce businesses is now available with EasyPost

FirstMile is now available for all EasyPost users. FirstMile's large network of international, domestic, and regional carriers and advanced API allows for shippers to set their desired transit times and get the most optimized label for their shipment. The API will automatically shop across all the carriers and return the best label. So, whether shippers want to prioritize speed or cost, FirstMile can help them find the right carrier for the job.

This is a solid carrier option for ecommerce businesses that are rapidly growing or looking to utilize multiple carriers. Check out our blog post if you're unfamiliar with the various benefits of multi-carrier shipping. FirstMile's optimization works automatically based on the shipper's preferences, so they don't have to get bogged down by hand checking labels or managing multiple integrations.

Start shipping with FirstMile today by creating a FirstMile account on their website and linking your credentials to EasyPost's dashboard.

Service levels and coverage

  • XParcelGround
  • XParcelExpedited
  • XParcelExpeditedPlus
  • XParcelReturns
  • XParcelPriority

EasyPost currently supports US domestic shipments with FirstMile. Sign up with EasyPost and FirstMile today to start optimizing your shipments.