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Kevin Funk

New Feature: Public Tracking-Details Page for Parcel Tracking

by Kevin Funk
EasyPost tracking details page

EasyPost has released a dedicated tracking web page feature!

EasyPosts API allows for simple parcel tracking through its Tracking API. The new feature update allows you to publish tracking information through a webpage of the most up-to-date tracking information to your customers.

You can now send your customers our public <code></code> pagesopens in new tab after you've purchased a <b>Shipment</b> or <b>Tracker</b>. The process is really simple; use the public_url field from a tracker, and send it to your customers:

require 'easypost'
EasyPost.api_key = ""

tracker = EasyPost::Tracker.create({
  tracking_code: "9400123456789012345123",
  carrier: "USPS"

  "id": "trk_a1b2c3d4",
  "tracking_code": "9400123456789012345123",
  "status": "in_transit",
  "created_at": "2016-06-20T21:52:28Z",
  "updated_at": "2016-06-20T21:52:32Z",
  "est_delivery_date": null,
  "carrier": "USPS",
  "tracking_details": [...],
  "public_url": ""

The tracking page offers a clean, up-to-date view of package whereabouts that's consistent across carriers. The dedicated tracking page displays the most up to date tracking information by using webhooks that pulls status changes from carriers.

The tracking webpage can be displayed and sent in branded emails or text messages to your customers as soon as their items ship. The up-to-date shipping information allows you to keep your customers engaged with your brand, and reduce WISMO (where is my order) call volume and support tickets.

The new functionality now allows all of your shipments to have access to a unique, unified public tracking page. You can also find a link to this page in your Shipments Dashboard under Tracking Code.

The EasyPost Shipments table with tracking code highlighted