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Demystifying Eircode: A Must-Know for U.S. Shippers and DHL Express

by EasyPost

If you ever send packages to Ireland you might have come across something called the Eircode. Similar to the trusty ZIP codes found in the U.S., the Eircode system helps pinpoint specific locations across the country. As recently as 2015, the old Emerald Isle did not have anything similar, which led to over 35% of destinations in Ireland having the same address. It’s easy to see why the Eircode system was put into place.

How Eircode works for shippers and carriers

An Eircode is a seven character alpha-numeric code consisting of two main parts, a Routing Key, and a Unique Identifier. The Routing Key will have three characters, while the Unique Identifier will have four.

Some carriers, such as DHL Express, will require shippers to start adding the Eircode for all shipments to Ireland beginning July 2, 2023. EasyPost anticipates that other carriers will follow suit soon after. EasyPost users can add the Eircode to the Address Object within the EasyPost API. If you are unsure of your shipment’s Eircode, you can look it up here.

What happens if I don’t input an Eircode or use the wrong one?

For DHL Express, starting July 2, 2023, any Ireland shipments with an incorrect or missing Eircode can lead to delays or potential surcharges for address correction. Please ensure all your Ireland shipments are paired with the correct Eircode to minimize shipment delays and fees.

If you have more questions about Eircode, please see their FAQ page here.