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Jaidyn Farar

5 Ways To Stay on Top of Shipping and Logistics Trends

by Jaidyn Farar

Do you get genuinely excited about the ever-changing landscape of shipping and logistics? Do you spend all your free time eagerly scrolling, watching, listening, and Googling to stay up-to-date with the latest trends?

If you answered no, this article is for you. 

While lots of people out there are passionate about shipping (and that’s amazing!), there are lots of people who find it more difficult to get interested. You know you should be staying on top of what’s happening in the industry, but it’s hard to find the time when you have so much on your plate. 

But don’t worry! You can do it. Choose one (or two, or three) of the five suggestions below and get started. Before you know it, you’ll be an expert on all things logistics.

1. Follow industry leaders on social media

If you’re like the majority of people, you spend a decent amount of time on social media—the worldwide average is 151 minutes. You can put a few of those minutes to good use by following industry leaders and experts. 

Search for shipping and logistics keywords you’re interested in, and look for people who are involved in those conversations and have a large following. Then, simply give them a follow on LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), or other sites. After that, their posts will come straight to your feed, and you’ll see them when you go online.

For bonus points: When you see a great shipping and logistics post, leave a reaction or comment. This shows the algorithm that you’re interested in seeing related posts in the future.

2. Go to trade shows and conferences

At trade shows and conferences, industry leaders gather to discuss some of the most cutting-edge technology, research, and trends. When you attend these events, you’ll be surrounded by the “buzz,” perfectly positioned to soak up knowledge.

3. Listen to logistics podcasts

Podcasts are an amazing tool for people with limited time on their hands. Are you the sort of person who always listens to music while you drive to work, cook dinner, or do yard work? Try swapping out your usual playlist for a logistics-focused podcast.

We think our very own Unboxing Logistics is pretty cool! You can find it on YouTube, plus every major podcast platform. But there are lots of great options out there, so listen to a few and find the one(s) that you prefer.

4. Read books and articles

Reading is still many people’s preferred way of learning. Get started by picking up a book that looks interesting or subscribing to a free online publication. Some helpful sources of shipping news and trends include:

5. Put time on your calendar

Sometimes, it’s easiest to squeeze in learning in small doses during your everyday activities: listening to a podcast while you drive, reading an article during lunch, or pausing to read a social media post. But other times, it works best to set aside time to learn. 

Try putting a block of time on your calendar that’s dedicated to researching new shipping and logistics trends. With a dedicated time to dive deep, you’ll likely find some pretty cool things.

Happy learning!

Now that you’ve learned our five strategies for staying up-to-date on the shipping and logistics industry, you’re ready to get started. As you immerse yourself in news and trends, you’re sure to learn new things that can help your business thrive.