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Improve the Customer Experience with Data Visibility

by Elevate
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Do you know…

  • Your order cancellation rate?
  • How do you measure the customer experience?
  • Your order-to-delivery performance compared to customer expectations?
  • How long does it take to compile key performance indicators for your executive meetings?

In our previous article, “Surviving the 2022 Supply-Chain Storm,” we discussed the need for flexibility in the challenging retail industry – adjusting, optimizing, and becoming more efficient in our business practices – which means finding issues and fixing them faster. The answer is easy-to-access supply chain data. You need to see your data in real-time, not a month later.

Elevate data visibility dashboard

Where do we start?

Elevate is partnering with EasyPost to provide you with the necessary and critical insights you need to help you know what’s going well – and what’s going wrong. Data visibility that gives you near real-time answers to your performance questions. Issues that keep companies from getting orders to their destinations on time, within budget, and with a positive customer experience.

What does Elevate provide?

  • Transparency from order placement to delivery.
  • Alerts when delays happen internally or from the shipping carrier – warehouse picking, packing, shipping.
  • Reduced-order cancellations and client frustration when you see problems and adjust before clients are aware.

When you see the entire order lifecycle, you can improve the customer experience by meeting and exceeding delivery promises.

The order lifecycle

Data collected for a monthly presentation for the CEO is outdated by the time you present it. You’re always behind.

Companies are spending unnecessary time and effort to pull together vital information from multiple sources – a process that can take weeks to months. Elevate makes this available within minutes. As a result, you can see the pain points immediately and fix issues in real-time. In addition, teams can see their challenges, and CEOs can know which departments need help.

Partnering with EasyPost and Elevate, you can track the order – from order placement, sourcing, packing, and shipping. You can also track each item within that order, such as split deliveries. As a result, you will no longer fear the dreaded “in process” status on your orders.

Give your customers a positive experience and build a loyal following. EasyPost and Elevate can help. Call us today for a demonstration.