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Thomas Schiavone

Orderhive Shipping Plugin

by Thomas Schiavone

EasyPost is proud to announce a platform integration with OrderHive!

Orderhive logo

For those not familiar with OrderHive, it is a leading multi-channel order and inventory management software powering companies such as Ikea and Puma. The EasyPost integration now allows OrderHive users to rate shop across hundreds of carriers (USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc), purchase shipping, print the shipping labels, and retrieve tracking numbers for your shipments.

Through the integration, OrderHive has expanded its feature mix from advanced inventory and order management to allow the customers through a shipping feature to cross in the physical world and send shipments by leveraging EasyPost’s API.

Here's how to install the plugin:

  1. Sign up for an EasyPost account and provide your API Keys to Orderhive.
  2. Select the order you want to ship from the 'Orders' tab.
  3. Select EasyPost as your shipping method.
  4. Enter the dimensions of your parcel.
    The add package type and information form in the Orderhive UI
  5. Retrieve rates and service levels.
    Table showing rates and services levels in the Orderhive UI
  6. Create your shipment.
  7. Print label and auto-generate tracking details.

It's as simple as that! See Orderhive's integration page for more details.

Why utilize the OrderHive Integration?

Orderhive is a multi-channel inventory and order management software has proven to be a great platform for many retailers, manufacturers as well as ecommerce store owners by offering them a centralized easy-to-use interface, an ability to integrate with tools as per business needs. Orderhive can be useful to businesses of all sizes. It can cater to businesses with one warehouse or multiple as well as multiple-channels stores or just on shopify.

We want to thank our partners for letting EasyPost power their shipping. If anyone else has integrations you'd like to see from us, or want to get paid to create one yourself, simply email us at