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Thomas Schiavone

Orderhive Shipping Plugin

by Thomas Schiavone
July 21, 2014

Orderhive Logo We're proud to announce another platform integration! Orderhive has built an EasyPost integration into their multi-channel order and inventory management software. The Orderhive Shipping Plugin allows you to retrieve rates, purchase shipping, and retrieve tracking numbers for your shipments.

Here's how to install the plugin:

  1. Sign up for an EasyPost account and provide your API Keys to Orderhive.
  2. Select the order you want to ship from the 'Orders' tab.
  3. Select EasyPost as your shipping method.
  4. Enter the dimensions of your parcel.
    Orderhive parcel dimensions
  5. Retrieve rates and service levels.
    Orderhive rates and service levels
  6. Create your shipment.
  7. Print label and auto-generate tracking details.

It's as simple as that! See Orderhive's integration page for more details.