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Kevin Funk

New Feature: Reports API and Dashboard

by Kevin Funk
Reports API

EasyPost has a new Reports endpoint to create, retrieve, and list reports. Currently, you can create reports for Shipments, PaymentLogs, and Trackers. Creating a Report will generate a CSV based on a date range with all objects of the type that you requested. See the Reports Documentation for details on how this works.

require 'easypost'
EasyPost.api_key = ""

shipment_report = EasyPost::Report.create(
  start_date: "2016-11-01",
  end_date: "2016-11-31",
  type: "shipment"
Reports Dashboard
EasyPost Reports dashboard

EasyPost also has a new reports page on the dashboard where you can see all of the reports that you've generated.

While you can view reports generated here, you can also rely on us to send you an email (set send_email=true when creating your report) and send you webhook Events when the report is ready.