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Tally Your Carbon Offsets From EasyPost Throughout the Year

by EasyPost

Got green New Year’s resolutions for 2024? EasyPost can make the journey easier for you and your business. If you haven’t heard yet, all shipments processed through our Shipping API are carbon neutral. And starting today, you’ll be able to easily track how much carbon you’ve offset by choosing to ship with us.

What data is available through the Carbon Offset Analytics dashboard?

From the Reports page, you’ll have access to four main metrics:

  • Average carbon emission per package
  • Total carbon offset
  • Percentage of shipments traveled by road
  • Percentage of shipments traveled by air

This data will be automatically calculated based on your volume through the Shipping API and is always displayed in a year-to-date format.

How does EasyPost offset carbon emissions?

When you create a label with us, we automatically calculate the carbon emissions associated with your shipment and purchase carbon credits from certified providers on your behalf. This comes at no additional cost to you.

Over 50% of global greenhouse gas emissions stem from supply chains. EasyPost is committed to improving sustainability and helping you meet your own environmental goals.

How can I get started?

There are no extra steps to get started. Simply sign in to your EasyPost account and create your labels as usual. We’ll take care of the rest, from calculating your carbon emissions to offsetting them, without charging you any fees. Simply visit the Carbon Offset Analytics dashboard on the Reports page to see your carbon offsets in action.