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Significant Discounts on Regional Shipping Through EasyPost

by EasyPost

EasyPost is constantly working on improving the customer experience of using our award-winning shipping platform and bringing our customers great value. Part of that process means onboarding new carriers and expanding relationships with existing carriers as well. By growing our partnerships, we can bring better value to the services you already receive at EasyPost.

New discounts on an already beloved service

More and more EasyPost customers sign up to ship through regional carriers every day. As a result, many see the importance of diversifying their carrier mix and having more options in how their customers get their products. Over this past year, EasyPost made a concerted effort to expand relationships with existing regional carrier partners in areas you ship to most.

One such carrier partner that has been receiving rave reviews amongst EasyPost customers is Lone Star Overnight (LSO). With LSO we are now able to provide alternative Express and Ground services to our customers who ship within Texas, Oklahoma, and most markets in Louisiana, Arkansas, and Missouri often beating the national carriers on price.

Now, we are proud to announce that we have struck a new deal with LSO that will provide discounts to our customers of up to 40% off these services. This means you'll potentially be able to ship on LSO and save even more money than before.

Hassle-free set-up on EasyPost

Starting Q1 2022, EasyPost customers will be able to get started with discounted rates on LSO right out of the box - no setup required!

If you are an existing EasyPost customer and still have questions and would like to see what discounts you may qualify for, please get in touch with your customer service manager today and set up an appointment.

To learn more about LSO click here.