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File Your USPS Insurance Claims With EasyPost

by EasyPost
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Filing USPS insurance claims can be a timely process. Most ecommerce retailers can expect to see around 1% of their packages get lost or damaged. And when a package goes missing or is damaged, they have their hands full keeping customers happy and avoiding financial losses. Fortunately, EasyPost is helping make this tedious process simpler.

When shipping USPS Express or USPS Priority, EasyPost’s enterprise-level users no longer need to worry about filing insurance claims – we’ll take care of that for you. You probably have some questions on how we make this happen, so here are our best answers.

How does EasyPost file my USPS insurance claims?

When shipping USPS Express and Priority packages, shippers are already insured for up to $100 on their goods. From the moment that your package is shipped, we help you track, verify, and identify what's claimable with USPS, when a mishap does occur.

Normally, this is where a retailer would begin filing an insurance claim with USPS, but not if you’re shipping at our enterprise level. In this case, we would file your claim for you, reaching out to USPS and working with them to get your claim reimbursed. We’re pretty good at doing this too – with an incredibly high success rate at getting our customers’ claims approved, due to our expertise in handling and automating the insurance claims process.

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What are the costs and benefits of filing USPS insurance claims with EasyPost?

The big benefit of using EasyPost to submit USPS insurance claims is that there is no upfront cost. Each time USPS refunds your payment, the only cost to users is an administrative fee.

And like everything with EasyPost, getting started with this process requires minimal implementation. Through your account, we are able to help identify, verify, and submit claims for refunds on lost or damaged packages directly with USPS.

How do I receive USPS insurance claim refunds?

Of course, it’s valuable to know how you’ll receive the refund on your successful claims. Once approved, we automatically refund the credit back to your account. We will also send a corresponding report once the refund has been processed to keep you in the loop.

How can I get started?

Our team is excited to help our users experience a smoother claims process experience. If you’re ready to skip the hassle of filing your insurance claims and getting reimbursed, reach out to your CSM to get started today.