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Thomas Schiavone

New Case Studies (Teespring, Vinted, Printful)

by Thomas Schiavone

Customer Case Studies from EasyPost customers; Teespring, Vinted and Printful

At EasyPost we get to work with incredible companies. We look to those companies to better understand the problems facing those businesses and the wider ecommerce ecosystem in order to help solve some of those issues. We at EasyPost pride ourselves on being a technology-forward company enabling ecommerce merchants to ship products and provide a seamless shipping experience.

We want to share some insights from three of our customers; TeeSpring, Vinted, and Printful. If you have a story you'd like to tell, just email We'd love to hear.


As Teespring's business really started to take off, its shipping systems couldn't keep up. Teespring turned to EasyPost to help it scale with tremendous growth. Within days, Teespring was live with EasyPost sending hundreds of thousands of shirts.

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When Vinted was building their marketplace, they needed an easy way for sellers to send their clothing to buyers. Vinted choose EasyPost because they could easily purchase shipping for any customer and use EasyPost tracking to pay sellers only when the package arrived.

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As their business started taking off, Printful warehouses got bogged down by traditional, inflexible shipping software. Using EasyPost's API, Printful overhauled their processes with an iPhone app and remote printers that let their employees move faster and with fewer errors.

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