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Jillian Voege

Common EasyPost Shipping Integration

by Jillian Voege

EasyPost: How does it work, anyway?

Without firsthand experience, API’s can be a tough concept to grasp. In addition to software engineers, there are a span of influential people in any supply chain. What exactly does it mean to use web services for shipping? We’re breaking it down and describing a common workflow…

A diagram showing a common user workflow when EasyPost is integrated into that workflow

First Things First

Is this a real address? Use EasyPost’s Address Verification API to confirm that a customer has entered a shippable address. You can offer suggestions or a more complete or accurate version of what’s been entered. Customers feel more comfortable when their address has been verified in your system. Our AVS is highly robust with data aggregated from several sources for both domestic and international coverage.

What’s in the box?

A customer has placed an order! Now you know what’s going in the package, and where it will be shipped. EasyPost has no on-premise hardware or software, and can be integrated into any WMS, SAP, OMS, inventory system, ERP, etc. (one of the many reasons we’re known as the Simple Shipping API). Pass us the order information: two addresses and package dimensions/weight.

Raters Gonna Rate

Think of EasyPost as a hub connecting you with your carriers and negotiated rates. When you send us order information, we’ll return all eligible rates on the shipment. Your team has the opportunity to customize and automate the selection of rates (always choose the cheapest rate, pick the fastest delivery date, etc.). It’s easy and free to add new carriers. No more headaches of integrating with carrier APIs, no more lack of flexibility of pre-built software solutions.

I’m Buyin’

Purchase the best rate for your order. In a warehouse or distribution center setting, this process might look like:

Customer Places OrderAuto-Purchase the Best RatePrint EasyPost-provided Label

You can also build a simple UI for one-off label generation. For example, your customer service center might manage the return process, and create return shipping labels manually when a customer requests one. The are returned as an image URL in many formats, making it easy to generate on any printer.

So Long, Farewell

Your package has been shipped and is navigating the world of facilities, customs, post offices and more. Both you and your customer are curious of its whereabouts. Use EasyPost’s Tracking API for near real time tracking status updates, standardized across carriers. We push you updates via webhooks, making it easy to share statuses with customers. Instead of redirecting your customer to the carrier’s website, keep them engaged with your brand. Easily convert statuses into email, SMS or branded webpage notifications. This visibility is valuable for you, too! Monitor carrier performance and improve business intelligence around your shipping solution.


We’d love to hear from you and discuss how EasyPost can save you money on shipping. Reach out to us for more information.