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Jarrett Streebin

YouPawn Uses EasyPost for Online Pawn

by Jarrett Streebin

The following is an interview we conducted with YouPawn about their EasyPost integration.

When was YouPawn started and what was the inspiration behind it?

We launched YouPawnopens in new tab in 2012 after realizing that the pawn industry was stuck in the 20th century. We wanted to create a platform that would make pawning transparent, competitive, easy, and 100% focused on the customer.

What are your future plans for YouPawn?

We're going to keep working every day to make the pawning process even quicker and easier. Stay tuned for some exciting updates later this year! Expanding the type of items we can pawn and continuing to increase the amount of cash a pawner receives and lowering the interest rate they pay.

Why did you decide to use EasyPost for YouPawn?

We needed a seamless solution that would be as simple as possible for our customers. We looked at a number of shipping solutions, and EasyPost was by far the best and the easiest to integrate into our site.

How is EasyPost used in the YouPawn's shipping process?

For our Instant Pawn tool, as soon as a customer submits a pre-qualified item into our system, we give them a shipping label. The sooner they ship, the sooner we can make our customers happy.

How long did it take to integrate EasyPost?

7.3 hours - we timed it.

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