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Travis Edwards

4 Reasons to Ship With Sendle via EasyPost

by Travis Edwards

EasyPost's newest integrated carrier partner is Sendle, the 100% carbon-neutral shipping carrier designed specifically for low-volume shippers and small businesses in Australia and the United States. While Earth-friendly shipping can help you stand out and gain loyal customers, there's a lot more to love about Sendle. And you don't have to pay a premium to enjoy the perks.

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Sendle makes shipping affordable no matter your volume

Starting a business is tough enough already before you realize your established competitors have huge advantages. When it comes to ecommerce, shipping is a perfect example. How can you offer competitive pricing on your products when you have to eat part of the shipping cost? Sendle believes every business, including mom-and-pop shops, deserves an equal opportunity to succeed.

By leveraging the unused capacity across multiple carriers and negotiating rates using their combined customer volume, Sendle secures incredible rates, all while passing the savings on to you. Whether you're just starting or can barely keep up with demand, you'll get great pricing when you ship with Sendle. With their low, flat-rate pricing, the more you ship the more you save!

Sendle keeps it simple

You don't have to worry about any contracts, subscriptions, or minimums to get Sendle's best rates. Just add a credit card to your account, and you'll be billed once a week. You can always cancel a shipment any time before it's picked up, and if there's ever an issue with the delivery address, Sendle covers the cost to bring your package back.

Too busy to get away? Enjoy the convenience of pickups right at your door. Or, if you're out taking meetings and running errands all day, drop your packages off at one of the hundreds of convenient locations.

Sendle delivers reliable shipping

Sendle knows their customers are very busy with many tasks outside of managing their shipping program. Some even use Sendle for their side hustles while working other jobs! They make life easier with reliable service, backed up by incredible 24x5 support champs who are always happy to help. Get free, automatic tracking updates, and ship with confidence knowing Sendle Cover is automatically included.

Sendle is shipping that's good for the world

165 billion packages are shipped in the US every year. That's 5,000 per second, which makes for a lot of cardboard, and a lot of carbon. Sendle accounts for the CO2 released for every package sent and partners with South Pole to fund regenerative conservation projects which offset it all. As a result, Sendle has offset the carbon from every single package since its founding in 2014, the equivalent of driving a 1-tonne truck 21 billion miles.

Fully carbon-neutral shipping is a great start, but Sendle has committed to net zero emissions by 2030, a full 20 years ahead of the Paris agreement goal. ecommerce isn't going anywhere, so shipping with Sendle is a great way to ensure all of your orders (and the occasional return) are environmentally friendly.

Customers are becoming more environmentally conscious, and shipping with Sendle is an easy way to make them feel good about their purchases. Because Sendle focuses on affordable, simple, reliable shipping that's good for the environment, too, you can focus on growing your business.