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Marco Raye

Super Solutions For Logistics With EasyPost and SmartShyp

by Marco Raye
easypost partners with smartshyp

Over the past year, we’ve significantly expanded our shipping and logistics solutions by way of exclusive partnerships with other key players in the supply chain space that complement our already robust technology and solutions for online businesses. As our first partnership announcement of the year, we’re happy to join forces with SmartShyp, a shipping software designed to drastically reduce the amount of time business owners typically spend on processing orders and outbound shipping. Today we will introduce you to SmartShyp, give you a little more details on their solutions for online retail businesses, and give more information on what our new partnership means to your business.

Who is SmartShyp?

In addition to longstanding integrations with some of the latest platforms available to sell through today, SmartShyp focuses on helping customers optimize their ecommerce channels with tips and strategies. SmartShyp, similar to EasyPost, believes in the philosophy that if there is a problem in your supply chain, reliable technology can fix it. Supporting this idea are the below core benefits customers receive when they accelerate their shipping processes with SmartShyp:

  • Affordable Rates: One of the biggest and most appreciated perks of joining the SmartShyp network includes up to 70% off retail prices for shipping. Leverage money saved for future marketing initiatives, increasing your product offerings or expanding into new online marketplaces.
  • Automation Rules: Do you need two different types of products to ship to your customers by two different carriers? No problem. With the SmartShyp software, you can automate a variety of processes and workflows specific to your customer needs. Adding this automated layer of your order processing ensures each order is processed quickly and free human error - a win for you and your customers.
  • Bulk Editing: SmartShyp helps online business owners say goodbye to the brain-blistering hours that turned into days of updating product listings one-by-one. Through their platform, you can quickly adjust entire groups of your products and update information such as an address, package type, preferred shipping carrier, etc.
  • Batch Processing: Throughout the year, your online business may see surges of orders based on seasonality, your location, or other promotional efforts like flash sales. During these times, you may need to process groups of orders opposed to one-by-one. SmartShyp enables users to process entire groups of orders with a push of a button.

Smart Shyp Integrations

Take a look at some of the major ecommerce platforms currently integrated with SmartShyp:

  • Amazon
  • Big Cartel
  • Bonanza
  • Etsy
  • Jane
  • Magento
  • Pick Your Plum
  • Shopify
  • Squarespace
  • Volusion
  • WooCommerce
  • eBay
  • OpenCart

Super Solutions For Your Ecommerce Business

We are now integrated with SmartShyp through a partnership bringing your business one super solution for your ecommerce business needs end-to-end. Integrate and automate multiple e-marketplaces into one place with SmartShyp, and gain affordable shipping rates, address verification, shipping insurance, tracking functionality, and much more. Automation is not a forecasted trend for tomorrow. It is a best practice operating today in the ecommerce and supply chain spheres.

Learn more about the fastest way to ship for your online business with EasyPost and SmartShyp.

EasyPost: Your Ultimate Logistics Solution

Continue the new year with an expert logistics partner able to offer customized solutions for the logistics needs of your business, because no two businesses operate the same. Don’t wait to integrate intelligent logistics into your supply chain to save time and operational costs. It’s a new day.

Contact our Logistics Experts if you have any questions about our Shipping APIs, or want to get started with EasyPost today.