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Emily Buehler

Logistics Support: EasyPost's Customer-First Approach

by Emily Buehler

Most companies will say they take a customer-first approach, but what does that mean? Is it looking out for the customer’s bottom line? Or is it fulfilling each request without question? At EasyPost, we want our customers to succeed in the logistics space. To help them achieve this, we take a holistic view of each customer, looking through the lens of their business to determine what solutions fit their individual needs.

We believe the first step to outstanding customer service is putting ourselves in our customers' shoes. We want to see their business from the inside and understand their process. Reacting to a crisis after it happens can cost money and waste time. Gaining an inside perspective about our customers allows us to engage in proactive problem solving and fix issues before they appear.

The benefits of being proactive aren’t limited to preventing crises either. By monitoring our customers’ shipping and logistics habits, we can look for ways to improve their workflow and increase their throughput. When we partner with a new carrier, we evaluate the logistics to see how our clients can benefit from the new service. If one of our customers experiences an issue, we evaluate our other clients to see how we can prevent them from experiencing the same thing. Through constant evaluation, we can do more than help our clients during times of trouble, we help them evolve.

Three Teams Dedicated to Your Shipping Success

Putting customers first should never be an afterthought. That’s why we’ve dedicated three teams to the task: a support team, a solutions engineering team, and a customer success management (CSM) team. These three units work in tandem to eliminate technical and logistical hurdles for our clients, allowing them to worry less and ship more. Since these teams are in constant connection with one another, they can more effectively support our customers in any given situation.

Take a customer who is interested in expanding into international markets, for example. The customer will likely inquire by contacting the support team. The support team will then contact that customer’s dedicated CSM representative and inform them of the request. The CSM representative will do the required research and respond to the customer with a detailed list of available options. Once the customer has decided which option is right for them, the CSM representative will loop in the solutions engineering team to handle the logistics. With three teams working as one, our customers can rest assured that they’ll get the quickest and most efficient help the shipping industry has to offer.

Explore EasyPost’s Ecommerce Shipping Solutions

We don’t wait for a crisis to happen to be helpful. Understanding our customers and predicting their needs allows them to explore new heights and go beyond what they thought was possible. This approach is what makes us one of the most reliable logistics partners in the industry.

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