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Marco Raye

Removing Ecommerce Friction - MW Ecommerce Summit

by Marco Raye
Easypost employees at MW Ecommerce Summit

October has been a busy month for us! Earlier this month, we joined this year’s MW Ecommerce Summit held in Chicago, IL, to host our first shipping and logistics focused discussion panel. Joined by a diverse range of happy EasyPost customers, our team discussed the topic, “Removing Friction from Ecommerce Logistics.” During this conversation, we drilled into some of our customers’ main pain points or sources of friction within their shipping and logistics processes, and how EasyPost was able to fit their supply chain needs through its Shipping API Suite and Order Fulfillment.

The need for built-in flexibility with the ability to pivot quickly to meet the inevitable changes of your business is imperative. Direct integrations and developing seamless connectivity platforms between data sources from order placement, to stock levels, to fulfillment, to shipping, to customer visibility can be a daunting overwhelming undertaking that takes away from value-added customer projects. That’s where we come into play. We specialize in logistics solutions that allow you to focus on adding value to your business by removing the frustrating complexities involved in supply chain logistics.

MW Ecommerce Summit Panel Speakers

four mwsummit speakers talking
  • Our own Julian Thomas, VP of Partnerships, led the panel discussion joined by representatives from a diverse spread of our customers including:
  • Carson Amiral, President (Making It Big): Carson is an expert in inventory, finance, and operations specializing in catalog/online retailers. He has over 15 years of experience in the direct-to-consumer clothing industry.
  • Philip Hegarty, Head of Corporate Sale (SockFancy): Joined Sock Fancy in early 2018 before graduating university, to eventually pitch the idea to open a B2B custom arm of the business.
  • Shivam Partel, Senior Product Manager of Post order (FTD Flowers): Shivam Patel is a Senior Product Manager of Post Order at FTD, LLC –a leader in the floral industry for over a century.

What We Talked About:

  • Delivery — The team delved into how critically important the window of time is between customers completing online orders, to those same orders immediately “taking flight” from your warehouse, including steps like picking, packing, and shipping to your customers' door on time. Thanks to ecommerce ultra forces like Amazon, this window of time is rapidly shrinking, meaning you must optimize your order fulfillment systems to meet today’s demand.
  • Predictability — The group also talked about the importance of visibility to the delivery phase for customers. Guaranteeing delivery of a specific item on a specific day requires using logistics and software to be transparent, accurate & proactive. It requires using EasyPost.

Stay Tuned for More EasyPost Events!

We want to thank our guest speakers as well as audience members from this past MW Ecommerce Summit discussion panel. The future holds several more events like this, as we are working everyday as not only a flexible technology platform to streamline your logistics, but also as an informational resource for your business. Delivering our insight into the nuances of shipping and logistics provides a stepping stone to new opportunities to you and your business.

If you have any questions about EasyPost after reading this article, please feel free to reach out to us today!