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Feargal Harris and Reece Mack

EasyPost & Numinix, Ecommerce Software Development Expert

by Feargal Harris and Reece Mack

As a merchant, you’re either strategizing or executing omnichannel initiatives. Regardless of where you sell, you should be thinking about more efficient ways to reach your customers. EasyPost is built to support omnichannel merchants and we help companies ship from distribution centers, stores, and warehouses. EasyPost parcel partners are able to seamlessly generate labels and manage return orders across carriers. While integrating with the EasyPost API requires some software development, thousands of companies access our best-in-class shipping toolkit without having developers on staff.

Here's how:

Numinixopens in new tab, a partner of EasyPost, is an ecommerce software development expert. Having helped companies of all sizes create streamlined shopping experiences, Numinix Web Development enables emerging brands to execute their business operations through robust software integrations. We’ve aligned our interests to create a flexible shipping platform that anyone, anywhere can leverage to optimize their shipping operations while reducing developer overhead.

Over the past year, Numinix has built multiple integrations between EasyPost and existing platforms, including ConnectShip, Magento, and ZenCart. This provides small businesses who utilize these platforms access to EasyPost’s full scope of functionality, without any need for developer overhead. If your ecommerce store is built on ConnectShip, Magento, or ZenCart, you are able to immediately start shipping with us through Numinix!

Can you keep a secret? EasyPost’s shipping plugin for Wordpress and Woocommerce is currently in the works by the Numinix team!

Through the Numinix EasyPost plug-ins, you have access to the following functionality:

  1. With 100+ carrier integrations globally, international expansion and shipping are made easy
  2. Flexible shipping options at checkout with live rate shopping
  3. Webhooks-enabled SMS and email tracking updates

If you’re interested in expanding your shipping functionality for increased customer retention, repeat purchases, or enhanced customer experience, please contact Numinix at Their plug-ins provide access to our Shipping API without the need for custom development work, saving you time and money.