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Travis Edwards

Flexport Parcel Is Now Available Through EasyPost!

by Travis Edwards

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Flexport Parcel to our shipping APIs. Flexport is a prominent name in the logistics industry and will become the official logistics partner for Shopify and the preferred provider for Shop Promise. They bring expertise across every area in the supply chain, and we are excited for EasyPost customers to now have access to their expertise specifically in the parcel shipping market. 

Customers can now access Flexport’s innovative parcel carrier service that unlocks faster delivery times at affordable prices nationwide through our shipping APIs by connecting their Flexport account in the EasyPost Dashboard. 

The Technology Powering Flexport Parcel

Flexport has partnered with a wide variety of carriers including national, regional, and local providers to ensure they can offer fast and affordable shipping nationwide. They’ve worked diligently to obtain competitive rates with their carrier partners and look to pass through the savings to their customers.

Additionally, they’ve built a strategically located national network of sortation centers to help reduce the total transit time and distance traveled for shipments. By leveraging their sortation centers, they can offer customers a comprehensive daily pick-up, sort, and delivery fulfillment service anywhere in the United States.

What Services Are Supported Through Our Flexport Parcel Integration?

Our integration with Flexport Parcel supports rating, purchasing labels, and tracking across the following service levels in the US.

  • Expedited (5 business days)
  • Standard (7 business days)

What’s more, Flexport Parcel shippers can say goodbye to unpredictable delivery fees. Flexport Parcel rates carry no unexpected surcharges, meaning their shippers benefit from transparent, all-inclusive pricing covering order pickup, sorting, and delivery. 

Get Started With Flexport Parcel Today!

Using EasyPost for shipping means Flexport Parcel is just a few clicks away. Don’t wait any longer to streamline your shipping process and unlock the potential of hassle-free, affordable, and reliable deliveries powered by Flexport Parcel. 

Sign up for free today or speak with one of our shipping experts to learn how EasyPost can save you money on shipping.