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Jarrett Streebin

Tracking API with Webhooks

by Jarrett Streebin

Where are your packages? Have your customers received them? Did the delivery fail?

Answering these questions is integral to providing top notch support to your customers and keeping track of your inventory. That's why after months of testing we're launching Tracking with Webhooks!

From Day 1, almost a year ago, we've wanted to push a sophisticated tracking solution. The obvious extension to our platform was tying back more of the shipping experience to our customers and their customers.

Despite our desire to deliver this product, we needed to build the foundation of our API. That meant releasing FedEx International, UPS International, USPS International, Custom Forms, Scan Forms, Refunds, Shipping Insurance, Batches and more. Without those, this product would have been premature and severely hampered by our lack of the basics.

Our Tracking API connects to FedEx, UPS, and USPS, for both domestic and international shipments. Whenever you retrieve a shipment object from the EasyPost API you'll have access to its current status and complete tracking history!

With our Tracking Webhooks you'll receive real time status updates for all your shipments, and can tie in marketing, SMS, and push to alert your customers. We've found that tracking related interactions with end customers convert much higher than other marketing emails, and are a great opportunity to demonstrate superb service.

To start tracking packages in minutes, review our Webhooks Guide.