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Jillian Voege

EasyPost Tracking: Engage Customers, Build Reports, Save Money

by Jillian Voege
One penny postage stamp

Meet Penny - she's your average 21st century online shopper. If you're in the business of retail, you know Penny cares deeply about her post-purchase experience. It's a huge factor in her likelihood to shop with you again. These days, you can't send her to the carrier's website to navigate her package. Penny wants proactive notifications with her package whereabouts. And you don't want Penny bugging your support team with where is my order? inquiries.

Mitigate these issues and build a sticky customer experience with EasyPost's Tracking API. With EasyPost, you'll get near real time tracking status updates, standardized across carriers. Pass these on to your customers, build intelligent reporting tools and keep carriers accountable for expected and true delivery dates.

The biggest names in retail leverage EasyPost for their tracking needs. Why?

  • Customizability: Don't settle for less than a completely customized tracking solution. Brand your emails, texts and notifications according to your own needs, without restrictions or cookie-cutter templates.
  • Guides and Support: Utilize our guides to set up email and SMS notifications, and connect directly with our engineering team for a smooth integration.
  • Real-Time Status Updates: EasyPost will push you notifications throughout transit, and update you within 15 minutes of delivery via webhooks.
  • Unified Tracking Page: Give your customers the URL to our tracking page so that they can see progress of their shipment, regardless of which carrier you shipped with.
  • Business Intelligence: Create robust reporting tools with EasyPost. We'll help customize reports based on what you want to know from your tracking data.
  • Pricing: Customize, optimize, and save with EasyPost tracking. Reach out to us to learn more!

Trust us, Penny will be delighted, and will certainly be shopping with you again soon...