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Marco Raye

eBay Open 2019 Sponsored by EasyPost!

by Marco Raye
 easypost employees at the eBay Open event

EasyPost attended the eBay Open as an event sponsor July 23 - 25! This year we sent a team of shipping specialists to join the event and share the latest on our shipping and logistics solutions with over 2000 of the top eBay sellers. The focus of this event is around eBay’s e-sellers and how they can better optimize their digital storefront offered through the platform to grow product appeal and ultimately, sales.

What is eBay Open?

ebay open event sign

Taking place between June and July each year out of Las Vegas, NV, the eBay Open offers a collaborative environment in which its top sellers attend workshops, share best practices and enjoy the opportunity to speak with a variety of vendors offering shipping and logistic solutions. Vendors in attendance range from specialty packaging, insurance providers, 3PLs like EasyPost, and more.

EasyPost Shipping and Logistics at eBay Open

easypost's booth at the ebay open 2019 event

Our team enjoyed meeting several new faces and identifying how our next-gen solutions uniquely fill gaps in the supply chains of eBay’s sellers. Below is a list of the most popular topics we covered with our booth visitors during the show:

  • Order Fulfillment Optimization: How we remove everyday logistical headaches of inventory management from your "Must Do" list. EasyPost order fulfillment streamlines 3PL processes through a flat rate shipping model, meaning your business avoids additional costs typically required for storing, picking and packing your inventory. Instead, you only pay after you’ve completed a sale and need to ship a product to your customer.
  • Shipping APIs: Exploring our flexible, full suite of solutions to make your shipping easy. What’s your pain point when it comes to the logistics of your supply chain? Perhaps it's the amount of money you’re spending on your carrier integration(s). Or maybe you’re having issues with your inventory being lost, damaged or stolen during transit. EasyPost offers a full suite of shipping APIs design to fit your business’ unique needs. These products include Tracking, label printing, address verification, carrier rating (in our network of 100+ carrier integrations, and more!
  • Freight shipping: The newest family member of our next-gen products; now offering competitive rates to get your products where they need to be faster. We serve as a logistics partner to customers in search of the most reliable, quickest, and economical route to transport their products with EasyPost’s freight transportation services.

Working with EasyPost

people talking at the easypost booth

Our next-gen shipping solutions save our customers tens of thousands of hours of development, which they often use to allocate back into their businesses. eBay Open provided our team with an excellent opportunity to continue communicating this message to an audience that faces the challenges of supply and demands each and every day. We had a blast attending this year’s eBay Open, and our team looks forward to attending similar shows in the future that allow us to engage with audiences to explain the importance of leveraging powerful technology to achieve their business dreams.

If you have any questions regarding EasyPost’s shipping and logistics solutions after reading this article, please contact us today!