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Thomas Schiavone

USPS Rate Increase 2015

by Thomas Schiavone
United States Postal Service logo

Effective May 31, USPS is raising its rates. These will be live in the API going forward. Fortunately, the new rates don't affect Cubic Pricing or Domestic Priority Mail.

Here are the new rates:

USPS Domestic

Mail ClassAbsolute ChangePercent Change
Retail First-Class Letter (1 oz)Remains 49¢No Change
Metered First-Class Letter (1 oz)From 48¢ to 48.5¢1.0%
First-Class PostcardFrom 34¢ to 35¢2.9%
First-Class PackagesVaries5.1%
Priority MailVariesNo Change

Mail Classes

Mail ClassBefore May 31After May 31
First class letter stamp$0.49$0.49
First class letter metered$0.48$0.485
Additional ounces for first-class letters$0.21$0.22
First class postcard$0.34$0.35
Int'l. first class letter stamp$1.15$1.20
Int'l first-class postcard$1.15$1.20
Domestic Priority MailVariesNo Changes
International Priority MailVariesAvg. 5.5% Increase
First class flat (up to 1oz)$0.98No Changes
Additional ounces for first-class flats$0.21$0.22
First class packageVariesAvg. 5.1% Increase


ServiceBefore May 31After May 31
Tracking (except Std. Mail)Varies$0.00 (free with IMB and IMPB USPS Tracking)
Standard Mail Tracking$0.23$0.36
Electronic Return Receipt$1.35$1.40
Retail Return Receipt$2.70$2.80
Electronic Signature Confirmation for packages$2.90$3.00
Retail Signature Confirmation for packages$2.35$2.45