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Travis Edwards

You Can Now Set New User Permissions to Access Shipping-Related Features Only

by Travis Edwards

We're thrilled to unveil a major enhancement to the EasyPost Dashboard that we hope will improve the way you manage your shipping operations. Say hello to the power of new user roles within the Members tab in the EasyPost Dashboard!

Streamlined shipping for every employee

Now, you can assign distinct roles to new users joining your EasyPost Dashboard—the "Shipper Agent" and the "User." This opens up many new possibilities for efficient and secure shipping.

With the "Shipper Agent" role, your team members can access a streamlined shipping experience within EasyPost. Their access is limited to only essential tabs, specifically designed for purchasing shipping labels. It's the perfect solution for anyone in your organization who needs a swift and cost-effective way to handle shipping tasks. Users in this bucket could be:

  • Event planners shipping materials for an event
  • People managers shipping swag for new employees
  • Office managers shipping office supplies
  • Any other employee who has shipping needs

On the other hand, the "User" role offers comprehensive access to all tabs within the EasyPost Dashboard, except the Members tab, which is reserved only for the primary account owner (the first user who created your EasyPost account). Within the Members tab, you can effortlessly add, manage, and remove users, ensuring smooth account management.

Why we built it

So, why did we bring this exciting feature to life? We understand that centralizing your shipping processes securely is paramount. Customers have shared with us that they often have people on their team who need access to EasyPost’s shipping features, but should not have access to see sensitive company information. Equipped as “Shipper Agents,” your team can purchase shipping labels using the intuitive Create Label tool, without jeopardizing any security protocols. And they can take advantage of your company's shipping rates and preferred billing methods set up in EasyPost saving you time and money on shipping. 

By restricting access to sensitive tabs like billing and carriers from “Shipper Agents”, we've amplified security. The process of adding new users to EasyPost is now fortified, ensuring your sensitive data remains under lock and key.

How to use it

Getting started is a breeze! You can effortlessly manage users within the Members tab, located in your Account Settings. Remember that only the primary account owner, who initiated the EasyPost account creation, has access to the Members tab. Each new user added will receive unique login credentials.

For a seamless introduction to this feature, dive into our tutorial video. It's packed with insights and best practices for using the Members tab and provisioning new users. And remember, our dedicated Support Team is always just a message away, ready to assist with any queries.

Get started today

EasyPost now empowers your entire team with access to discounted shipping rates and a simplified label purchasing process. If you're not already harnessing the power of EasyPost for your shipping and logistics needs, now is the perfect time to start. Our sign-up process is fast and hassle-free.

Plus, our dedicated team is here to address any questions or concerns you might have. Don't miss out on the EasyPost advantage - sign up today and experience it yourself.

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