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Take a First Look at the New EasyPost Billing and Wallet Experience

by EasyPost

Hey folks! We are extremely excited to release a new quality-of-life update for our EasyPost Dashboard. In this blog, we’ll be showing you a sneak peek of our new Billing and Wallet experience launching on Tuesday, October 10, 2023.

This update will not affect your current EasyPost Wallet or Billing settings. If you have any questions about the update, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Support.

Billing and Wallet update highlights

  • New Wallet settings module to clearly configure your Minimum Balance and Amount
  • New onscreen Wallet tips to clarify uncommon terms
  • Consolidated Primary and Secondary payment methods into one module to reduce scroll time
  • Consolidated Payment Logs, Cash Flow, Invoices, and Refunds into one module separated by tabs to reduce scroll time
  • Revamped Checkout process for the Create Label tool

Why we decided to revamp our Billing and Wallet experience

At EasyPost, we’re committed to our mission of removing the technical complexities of logistics so customers can focus on growing their businesses. That includes iterating and improving our own solutions. With Billing being a central part of all of our users’ experiences, we decided to revisit it and make the experience easier for both new and existing customers.

Billing FAQs

Where can I find my EasyPost Billing?

Once you log into the EasyPost dashboard, click on “Account Settings'' in the left-hand sidebar. From there you can select the “Billing” tab.

What can I find in the Billing tab?

The EasyPost Billing tab houses critical information for your shipping operations. Here you’ll be able to find your Wallet balance, set your Wallet’s Minimum Balance and Amount, set up your payment methods, view your subscription, and generate any billing-related reports such as Payment Logs, Cash Flow, Adjustments (previously Invoices), and Refunds.

How does the EasyPost Wallet work?

The Wallet enables you to pay for EasyPost services such as labels for EasyPost Carrier Accounts, like USPS, and add-ons including insurance, carbon offsets, and more! Having a sufficiently funded Wallet is critical to prevent any hiccups in your shipping process from failed payments.

You can fund your EasyPost Wallet via ACH or Credit Card. After the initial deposit, you can set your Minimum Balance and recharge Amount. Your Wallet will automatically recharge with your set Amount once the balance drops below your Minimum Balance.

For example, let’s say you have a Minimum Balance of $500 and a recharge Amount of $1,000. Once your Wallet’s balance falls below $500, your Wallet will be recharged with $1,000.

Is it better to pay via ACH or Credit Card?

While the choice is yours, there are different benefits and use cases for each payment method! Credit cards are fast to set up, but they come with a 3.75% processing fee. Users who pay via ACH get to skip the fee and can rest assured that their shipping workflow will never be jammed by an expiration date, but will have to wait a few days for transfers.

We recommend initially funding your account with a credit card to start shipping instantly, and then set up your ACH for long-term stability.