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Carbon Offset API Launching Q3 2022

by EasyPost
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We are incredibly proud to officially announce that we will be launching a Carbon Offset API in Q3 2022! EasyPost was looking to empower customers to offset their carbon footprint and spread more awareness about climate change, so releasing this technology was a no-brainer.

The supply chain's environmental impact

Many are well aware of the increase in carbon emissions year over year, but it is less known that a large percentage of these carbon emissions comes from the global supply chain for shipping goods. In 2015, McKinsey estimated the global supply chain emitted 32 gigatonnes (GT) of CO2(e), about 64% of the total CO2(e) emissions. This problem is compounded by the estimated 5% growth year over year from the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. In 2019, the Business for Social Responsibility found in a survey that 52% of companies indicated that sustainability was a "very significant" focus, up from 38% in 2017.

A complex challenge with many solutions

Climate change is a universal problem and it's easy to feel like the problem is too big to solve. In reality, it requires many different solutions and participation from everyone to begin to curb global warming. And CPG companies will need to play a big role in this. To meet 2050 carbon emission reduction targets, CPG companies will need to reduce carbon emissions by 50% from current levels. Furthermore, looking at the estimated revenue growth, CPG companies will need to reduce carbon emissions by more than 90% on a per revenue basis.

The EPA lists three main pillars for sustainability that are helpful for every ecommerce company to look at: environmental, social, and economic. The environmental pillar is related to the direct impact of business operations on the environment such as the amount of packaging material used in a given shipment. The social pillar is about a company's sustainability approach with its associated stakeholders (employees, customers, the surrounding community, etc.) and would encompass promoting awareness and empowering individuals to take action. The economic pillar is related to the overall cost of the environmental impact from business operations, and carbon offset programs are a great example of programs that fit under this pillar.

Offset your carbon footprint with EasyPost

Using a shipment's distance, weight, and other data, each shipment's carbon emissions can be estimated with great accuracy. EasyPost's Carbon Offset API will allow customers to have a detailed understanding of the environmental impact from their entire shipping program coupled with the ability to purchase carbon offsets to reduce their environmental impact. Beyond that, they can promote their sustainable brand and spread awareness more broadly to the ecommerce community to encourage others to also take action.

Join the waitlist now!

The Carbon Offset API will launch in Q3 2022, but anyone can join our waitlist now. Customers that sign up for the waitlist will be the first to be notified about the API upon launch and have priority for enrollment. Contact us with any questions and to get more information!