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Jaidyn Farar

Get Caught Up on the June Episodes of Unboxing Logistics

by Jaidyn Farar

Season 3 of the Unboxing Logistics podcast kicked off with four amazing episodes! In case you didn’t catch them, we’ve summarized some major takeaways in this article (but make sure you go back and have a listen anyway). From AI to automation to ESG, these episodes cover some of the most timely topics in the world of logistics. 

AI in Logistics: Beyond the Buzzword w/ Ibrahim Ashqar

After the initial splash that generative AI made in 2022, artificial intelligence has continued to capture the interest of professionals in all industries. Some organizations have embraced AI solutions, while others are still uncertain about how to incorporate artificial intelligence into their operations.

Ibrahim Ashqar, CEO and co-founder at Lumi AI, encourages listeners to embrace innovation, starting small with AI technology and gradually building momentum throughout your business. 

Ibrahim and Lori discuss:

  • The three types of AI
  • Overcoming concerns about cost and change management when implementing AI solutions
  • Why AI is a valuable tool for data interpretation—and how it can save your data team time

Listen here

Automate to Dominate: Essential Steps To Level Up Your Warehouse Operations w/ Kevin Gaul

Every organization is at a different place with warehouse automation; while some leverage advanced robotics and complex software systems, others still rely on manual methods. Kevin Gaul, product manager at RF-SMART, joins Lori on the podcast to share insights into the importance of automation, as well as tips for getting started. 

Kevin and Lori discuss:

  • The importance of tailoring automation solutions to your business
  • How to get started with warehouse automation
  • Tips for understanding your warehouse operations and managing automation projects

Listen here

Navigating ESG in Logistics and Retail w/ Alanna Fishman

Though people sometimes conflate ESG (environmental, social, and governance) and sustainability, the terms differ in their meaning and scope. Alanna Fishman, managing director at FTI Consulting, explains why U.S. businesses should get started with ESG now, even though the country currently has fewer regulations than others.

Alanna and Lori discuss:

  • The difference between sustainability and ESG
  • Why it’s worth investing in ESG now
  • How technology can support a business’s ESG initiatives

Listen here

The (Flex) Factor: Mastering Flexibility To Get Ahead in Logistics w/ Jeremy Bodenhamer

Jeremy Bodenhamer, founder and CEO at ShipHawk, frequently hears the same concern from shippers he works with: persistent labor shortages have made it extremely difficult to find and retain warehouse workers. At the same time, consumers have high expectations for brands—and they have no problem shopping with a competitor if your delivery experience doesn’t make the cut. Jeremy emphasizes the importance of flexibility and adaptability when navigating these challenges.

Jeremy and Lori discuss:

  • Why flexibility is essential in the logistics space
  • The intersection of human labor and technology
  • How to begin measuring warehouse performance

Listen here

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