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Kelly Berbert

What You Need to Know About the New USPS Fees Effective This April

by Kelly Berbert

You may have already heard about the new fees that will be implemented by the United States Postal Service (USPS) this April. USPS shippers should understand these fees and determine whether their shipping costs will be affected, so we’ve explained everything you need to know about them below:

What are the new fees?

Effective April 3, 2022, the United States Postal Service® (USPS) will be implementing two fees: a Non-Standard Package Fee and a Non-Compliance Fee.

The following mail classes supported by EasyPost will be affected by these fees:

  • Priority Mail Express®
  • Priority Mail®
  • Parcel Select® Ground
  • Retail Ground®
  • First-Class Package Service®

USPS Non-Standard Package Fee

A non-standard package fee will be applied to your postage cost for packages that exceed certain lengths and volumes. The length is the box's longest side, and the volume is calculated in cubic feet (example provided). See below for the non-standard package fees:

Length fee

  • If the length of the package is greater than 22” up to 30”, there will be a $4 fee.
  • If the length of the package is greater than 30”, there will be a $15 fee.
Ruler to demonstrate now non-standard packaging fees

Cube fee

  • If the volume is greater than 2 cubic feet*, there will be a $15 fee.

*How to calculate cubic feet: length x width x height / 1728 (1 cu. ft) = total cubic feet

Note that fees are additive. For example, if a package is greater than 22” in length AND greater than 2 cubic feet, both length and cube fees will be applied. Here are a few examples of fees incurred based on varying dimensions:

A 16” x 15” x 15” box will have an extra $15 fee. A 25” x 12” x 12” box will have an extra $19 fee. A 35” x 10” x 10” box will have an extra $30 fee.

The dimensions provided in shipment rate and buy requests are used to determine the fees which will be included in the shipment's total rate.

USPS Non-Compliance Fee

It’s important that shippers do not ignore these fees if their package dimensions are such that they will incur fees, because a non-compliance fee will be incurred on top of the non-standard package fees if dimensions are not provided or if dimensions provided are inaccurate. See below for the non-compliance fee:

Dimension Non-Compliance Fee

  • If dimensions are not provided or are inaccurate, a $1.50 fee will be levied on packages greater than 1 cubic foot or 22” in length.

This fee plus any fees for non-standard package sizes will be assessed via the USPS Automated Package Verification (APV) system.

What to do from here

As the USPS aims to maximize transportation efficiency by implementing fees for larger package sizes and inaccurate reporting of dimensions, shippers should consider the following:

First, shippers with the USPS should understand these new USPS non-standard package fees and non-compliance fees and determine whether their shipping costs will be affected. More information on the new fees approved by the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) can be found on their website here.

Second, to avoid any unnecessary non-compliance fees and unexpected non-standard package fees, shippers should be sure to provide accurate dimensions when creating labels.

Finally, if you have any questions or would like to dive deeper into your available shipping options, please reach out to your dedicated EasyPost representative or our support team at As a multi-carrier shipping API, we can help provide guidance to best support your shipping needs.